About Silver Pearl Cannabis

Though it won a Cannabis Cup way back in 1994, we didn't expect a whole lot from this strain, simply because it's very old-school and contains strains that make our collective shoulders shrug. However, this strain showed us that old Dutch seedbank material has its good points, as it provided a great Sativa-hybrid experience and a huge dose of fresh, sweet, fruity notes in both the flavor and the aroma. This particular grow was mostly without flaw, and we especially liked seeing the array of cloudy trichomes, which seems increasingly rare (we often see a bunch of clear heads with patches of ambers mixed in rather than a true progression). While its strong start and at times racy effect may get on top of some inexperienced patients, it was moderately potent overall and would be suitable for daytime relief for mid-to-experienced patients. This is a strong first KindReview for Green Mountain CARE, and we look forward to seeing more choices from their garden.

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