About this Cannabis


(Does not have veg & bloom buttons) - the ligt gets used just like that from seed to flower. XTREMELY HIGH POWER- Adopt Dual-Chip(10W) LEDs which has highest PAR/LUMEN output.Douple chips 10W LEDs is much brighter and more efficient than traditional 3W and 5W LEDs.The lights will provide your plant with the largest source of light to ensure your plants grow quickly and healthy whatever the weather is. FULL SPECTRUM- They did lots of experimentation to ensure that this full spectrum design promotes plant growth. It includes universal Blue Red IR UV and white light provide everything plant desire in the natural sunlight. The expensive IR UV led promote plants to defense mechanisms, blue and red led is essential light for plant growth. MAXIMUM ENERGY SAVING- It can replace 800W HPS/MH and actual power is 190watt. Best hang height at 24",Core Coverage area at 48"*48"(4*4ft). Maximum coverage area at 86"*86"(7.2*7.2ft). It is more scientifically and energy-efficient than HPS HID and MH. It serves both herb/veg/bloom and is convenient for you. 2 years warranty. R3499 - Shipping Included anywhere in South Africa via PostNet to your nearest PostNet