About Kushage Cannabis

When two famous California genetic lines meet, the results can be wonderful, as seen in Kushage, which is a cross of T.H.Seeds' workhorse S.A.G.E. and Cali's famous OG Kush. The resulting hybrid is a very uplifting and energetic Sativa with some of the OG relaxation present to mellow out the at times racy S.A.G.E. This hybrid yields better than the OG, though the flowering time is slightly longer as well.

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In 2010, a senior cultivation editor of High Times, Danny Danko, chose Kushage as one of the top 10 kush strains. It suggests that this hybrid brings something unique and special to the table.
by Dazed And Confused October 20, 2020
The spiciness of its smoke is perfect and makes it smooth. Couple that with the mix of citrus, wood, and sage, and what we have is a good tasting strain that influences some people to use more than usual.
by Dazed And Confused October 20, 2020