About Glass Slipper Cannabis

Glass Slipper is an example of the Dutch breeding scene getting their hands on one of the United States' most wanted clone-only strains and fusing it with some of the best they have to offer. "The White" is a supremely potent variety thought to be evolved out of the OG Kush family line, while Cinderella 99 is a much-loved Brothers Grimm classic that was once seen as the pinnacle of Dutch breeding projects. A fusion of these two strong genetic lines has produced a wonderful hybrid in Glass Slipper, one which retains the Kushy elements of the mother but has an interesting floral-sweet-fruity twang and a more cerebral effect added by the Cinderella 99 males.

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The high
With THC anywhere from 12- 20+%, Glass Slipper is well suited for an experienced cannabis user. Newbies should proceed slowly, as this is a potent strain that kicks in right away. A typical high will last around two and half hours with a very little coming down phase. I experience no couch lock with Glass Slipper. I do, however, find myself spacing out mentally towards the end of my high. GS is also a great strain for enhancing one’s intimacy. While relaxing and euphoric, this strain’s energy boost and single-minded focus make this a great strain for sex that won’t make you fall asleep before you get to it.
by Dazed And Confused October 26, 2020