About Bogglegum Cannabis

As with many of the high-THC% samples we've had, it seems that the potency mostly translates into a longer duration rather than a "woah!" type of experience to start — this Bogglegum carried on for a very long time (especially at higher doses) and held its potency at an above-average level for quite a while. If the peak potency were a little higher, it would've been an easy A, but it just didn't grab all of our review staff with its effects, which were mostly just base relaxation and a slight uptick in cerebral activity. The grow was nearly flawless, the sample was rather beautiful, the smell and taste both were above-average and enjoyable… it was just one of those strains that might never get into the upper-echelon of modern medical cannabis, as this seems to be pretty much its genetic potential. Try it out if you like a fairly functional Indica with a sweet soil taste that holds its potency for a long time — it's recommended most for intermediate patients.

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