About A.S.H. Cannabis

This A.S.H. is an example of some classic genetic lines in perhaps the "trinity" of genetic lines, Afghani, Skunk, and Haze. The blend of these influences could be seen in all areas of the sample, from its structure, to its smell, to the effects. We all enjoyed this strain but saw potential for better medicinal-level duration and better flavor lurking within, namely due to what we see as a slightly early harvest and not-quite thorough enough flush.

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Sour Patch Kiss
This hybrid is definitely a great one to pick up. This sativa dominant strain cures any ailments that you have. Highly suggested that you take small doses of this strange, a little goes s long way. Will either have you energetic, focused and creative or lethargic...it's totally your choice with this strain
by Dazed And Confused October 28, 2020