Diesel Krypto

Very pretty and scoring well in all the bag appeal areas, this strain was totally new to us and provided a balanced Sativa experience that left us feeling positive and fairly functional throughout. Its calming influence went a long way in reducing daily stresses and pains while keeping us fully engaged in the world. The body relaxation likely came from the relatively high CBD ratio for a strain not intended to be a CBD-rich varietal, which was among the highest we've seen — that factor made this strain really feel like a worthwhile hybrid… it's more than just a Sativa. We recommend this to almost any level of patient who seeks mental ease and a positive mood shift while still getting some Indica qualities in the body.

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Captain Kush

It never was overtly potent and despite lasting a long time, we sort of lost track of the effects at times because they were mild and unobtrusive. In many senses, this is a good thing (this was a pretty clear-headed med suitable for a day of work), but we think that this one is best saved for newer patients and those seeing moderate relief which last a long time but doesn't ever feel pushy.

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Querkle has two main phenotypes: one pheno is shorter and more purple, while the other trends toward the Space Queen and lacks the coloration and also has more of a Sativa effect. It's a moderate to heavy yielder, especially if it gets a long veg time and lots of root space.

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Sour Grape

Different from the Gage Green Grape Stomper which was renamed "Sour Grapes" by Blue Sky Collective in Oakland, this cut is from Apothecary Genetics and is their Grape Ape crossed with a Sour Diesel. The hybrid produces larger nugs than the Ape and demonstrates the hybrid vigor one would expect from such a cross. The mottled purple coloration and tangy sour grape-meets flowers aroma is immediately enticing to users, while the flavor and potent effects keep them coming back for more.

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A legendary Northern California strain, Trainwreck is known for its potent and soaring Sativa effects package. It's lemon-lime + menthol + acrid smell and taste is famous worldwide. The plant itself often looks gray due to the heavy trichome coverage and has a vine-like heavily Sativa structure with minimal leaf count and large calyxes.

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Alaskan Thunderfuck

An extremely powerful Sativa-dominant strain with an odd musky fruit-meets-chocolate taste and smell package, the ATF originated in Alaska in the 1970's but retains its popularity to this day.

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Is Medical Cannabis Right for You?

Medical cannabis isn’t for everyone. Certainly, there are some clear contraindications for cannabinoid-based treatments, but cannabis is continuing to gain a lot of traction in the patient community. In many cases, cannabis is becoming the preferred treatment option, especially in the chronic pain, headache, migraineand female health communities.

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